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All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. (T.E. Lawrence)

It is therefore our task to awaken once again the sense of the divine, to make the calling to motherhood the way through which the German woman will see her calling to be mother of the nation. She will then not live her life selfishly, but rather in service to her people.

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink (via hyperb0rean)


It was the fifth year of the Second World War; and despite military setbacks on several fronts, the German Reich stood firm amidst the onslaught of powerful adversaries from the East, as well as the West.
Earlier in this year, at the Casablanca Conference in January 1943, the Allies demanded the “unconditional surrender” of the Axis Powers as the only way to cease the hostilities. Needless to say, the Reich dismissed this demand and vowed to fight on until the “Endsieg”, the final victory, has been achieved. Since the armies of the Reich remained a force to be reckoned with, it was thus decided to deliberately strike at the civilian population of Germany by means of “moral bombing”, from the air.
It was then that Operation Gomorrah, devised by the British war criminal Air Chief Marshal Arthur Harris, was launched against Hamburg, starting on 24 July, 1943.
Never before in the history of Aerial Warfare was a scheme more hideous and outrageous put into action, than in the course and aftermath of the seven bombing raids conducted by the Royal Air Force, until the 3rd of August, 1943. The planners of Operation Gomorrah designed a giant firestorm, caused by phosphorous bombs, among others, that devoured tens of thousands of civilians in Hamburg indiscriminately — the men, as well as the women, the young, as well as the elders. Not only should German civilians feel unprotected and vulnerable in their cities far away from the battlefields, but they should actually pay the price for supporting Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Government. They paid this price in blood, fire, and death. With their homes torched and burnt to the ground; with their limbs broken and their lives lost: they remained defiant still, even in the face of the terror from above. Once the smoke cleared and the fires were extinguished, the survivors put up banners that read: “Unsere Mauern brachen, aber unsere Herzen nicht!”. Our walls broke, but our hearts did not. That was their answer to Bomber Harris and his minions. And thus the “morale bombing” continued until the final days of the war; killing another tens of thousands of innocent civilians but never, ever once achieving the collapse of morale on the ground.
In the end, the Reich was vanquished. But it was not defeated. It’s not a Reich of this world anymore; it’s now one that solely exists in our hearts and dreams and is nowhere else to be found, in our day and age. Operation Gomorrah has torn down the walls of Hamburg, but it failed to break the hearts of those who suffered through the firestorm — and survived. They refused to surrender; and 70 years later, we do the same. The Reich, to whom we too pledge allegiance, lives on. In our hearts, that will never break. There it remains with us, eternally. Sacred and Invincible.


“All great love does not want love: it wants more.”

—F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Part Four, “On the Higher Man,” §16 (excerpt).

Have me in the strong loneliness
of sunless cliffs
And of gray waters.
Let the gods speak softly of us.

—Ezra Pound, excerpt of Greek (via hyperb0rean)

(via vandrare)


For the German Mother

To you, German mother, shall the present be dedicated
You are the seed, of which your nation does arise!
You carry the destiny of a grand time,
when your harvest walks into the future!

You, German mother, are purpose and life to us -
But the duty calls on you to renounce!
In your children shall be granted
the promise of your lifes’ highest purpose!

Perhaps the world will bow once more
to your sons heroism and spirit!
Then eternity shall bear witness silently
while she points to you - the German mother!

You gave the heirs to the German nation,
in woe and pain - despite sorrow and despair!
You, German mother, you can never die!
Your life will always triumph over death.

— Theo Löwer



When I made my post about „D-Day“, two days ago, a few of my followers were confused if I meant to absolve soldiers of the Red Army, who perpetrated numberless war crimes against German soldiers and civilians alike, by saying they too ought to be treated with respect and dignity.
excuse me, but I am not aware of any Soviet soldier storming up the beaches of Normandy, on the 6 of June, 1944. If you carefully read my post, then it ought to be obvious that I was addressing the soldiers involved in the battles taking place on (and after) “D-Day”, in Normandy: Soldiers of the German Reich, of the United Kingdom, of the United States of America, and to a lesser extent, of other Nations. Soldiers of European descent. Soldiers who could have been brothers, because they share a mutual Ancestry, if they were not made to be enemies by those who wanted to vanquish the German Reich at all costs, even if this means the utter destruction of Europe. 
Soldiers of the Red Army were neither descendants of Europe nor did they take part in “D-Day”, hence it is self-evident why I have not mentioned any of them, to begin with. 
Last but not least, you can find posts on my blog dealing with the war crimes of the Red Army and thus my stance on this topic ought to be beyond questioning.


The so-called "D-Day", the invasion of the Fortress Europe by the allied forces of the United Kingdom and the United States of America on the 6th of June, 1944, was preluded by the Battle of Dunkirk, in May and June of 1940.
When the German armed forces swept through France and Belgium in their victorious Blitzkrieg, the expeditionary army from the United Kingdom, which was sent to assist the French ally on the battlefield, made a last stand in the coastal town of Dunkirk. The German Wehrmacht was about to utterly vanquish their enemy, when the troops and tanks were ordered to halt their assault. Adolf Hitler himself decided to spare the British soldiers trapped in Dunkirk, as a good-will signal to Winston Churchill and the British people: Make peace, and stop the fratricidal slaughter among fellow Europeans! The British expeditionary force was eventually evacuated, but the United Kingdom remained at war with Germany. The soldiers, whose lives were spared by Adolf Hitler, became the core of the huge army sent over the Channel on “D-Day”.
Adolf Hitler never wanted to wage war against any other nation in Europe or in America, for that matter. He was the one offering peace to the British government, time and again. Be it his proposal of peace in 1939; be it his decision to don’t conquer Dunkirk in 1940; or be it the fateful flight of Rudolf Hess on his behalf in 1941: Adolf Hitler wanted to avoid the enormous bloodshed and devastation between European nations, but it was in vain. The “D-Day” arrived; and after another eleven months of titanic struggle, the heroic resistance of the German Reich was eventually vanquished by the relentless onslaught of hostile Armies from all corners of the Earth. Even though the “D-Day” is celebrated as a day of victory among the veterans of the Allies, it is actually a day of infamy for everyone of European descent. It was on this very day that Europe, the cradle of Western Civilization and Culture, went up in flames and burned to ashes leaving us, those who were born many a years later, without a home where our souls can be at peace. It would be wrong to blame this tragedy on any of the soldiers who stormed up the beaches of Normandy, fighting their way through minefields and a hail of bullets, because they were told they would liberate Europe when in truth their enemy, the German soldiers entrenched in the Atlantikwall, were the ones defending Europe. However, courage, bravery and loyalty were to be found on both sides equally, and the fallen ones as well as the veterans ought to be treated with respect and dignity regardless on which side in the war they have been fighting. What we must remember on this day, 70 years after the Allied invasion of Normandy, is the unparalleled tragedy that arises from fratricide among soldiers who are of the same blood, descendents of the same distant ancestors, but who were mercilessly pitched against eachother not by fate but by the sinister scheme of their mutual, eternal adversary. This “D-Day” was nothing but a doomsday for Europe, when horrible woes were begotten by the brother who raised his sword against his brother. They fought valiant, they died as heroes — but their war knew no victors, only vanquished.

— By hyperb0rean


Today, April 20th, marks the 125th Birthday of Adolf Hitler, the Man Against Time. 
Coincidentally, this year, his birthday takes place on the same day as the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
though the attitude of Adolf Hitler towards Christianity remains ambiguous, there is no doubt, at all, that each one of these personalities has altered the course of history, and shaped the face of the world, each in his own way. While Jesus did not wield any worldly power and he has had no throne to claim his own, Adolf Hitler was the most powerful man at his time and his Imperium stretched from the Far East all the way to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. However, even this Greater Germanic Reich, manifested by the triumph of Adolf Hitlers’ will, was not meant to last in this World. What remains is a grand vision transcending anything he did or did not achieve during his brief lifetime. A vision that rose up from the ashes of a Reich in ruins.
Adolf Hitler has witnessed foulness festering among mankind, corrupting what once was sacred, noble and pure. He became reformer up in arms, gathering faithful disciples while he forged the destiny of a Nation. Eventually, he was brought down by the combined force of his numerous enemies. But he returned from the valley of the shadow of death; as the eternal Truth, as the everlasting inspiration, as the immortal vision that can guide us from the darkness of the bottomless pit up to the light of a New Dawn. On his Birthday, we show our utmost reverence and gratitude to the Man Against Time. He lives on in our hearts, as we preach his gospel and live by his word. Heil Hitler!

The Enemy is Us: The Rise of Eco-Terrorism

The rise of terrorism, as we know it, correlates with the rise of the industrial society. Yes of course, there have been incidents of assassinations, sabotage and covert warfare ever since mankind emerged from the caves and started to compete and fight with one another. However, terrorism as a means of individuals for advancing a political agenda did start not sooner than during the 19th century, when the rapid growth of urban and industrial society in Europe and North America fostered a myriad of political ideologies – most notably, doctrines of Socialism which target the unjust distribution of material wealth in a society thoroughly reshaped by capitalism going rampant. It was from this grievance that the first terrorists of modern history struck back; attempting to assassinate political leaders, causing social unrest and fostering a revolution that would eventually topple the old regime and thus manifest an egalitarian society.

Nationalism was another ideology on the rise in the late 19th century, and it became a force to be reckoned with once the particular ethnic and cultural character of different peoples was widely acknowledged: peoples divided by state borders or without a state to call their own, at all. Numberless acts of terrorism were perpetrated for the sake of national independence, among others. When Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, in 1914, it was his act of terrorism that culminated in the outbreak of World War One and thus changed the course of history for good. As much as terrorism appears to be an exercise in futility more often than not, causing nothing but bloodshed but accomplishing none of the political ideas in which name terrorists have murdered and maimed the life of others, it can’t be dismissed as having no effect whatsoever on the way the world does spin. Without Sarajevo, without – almost a century later – 9/11, we would live in a very different world indeed.

Regardless of the ideology – be it a secular doctrine like Anarchism, Nationalism, etc., or a religious doctrine like Salafism – the terrorists do have a target list that usually spares the life of a majority. They go after political and religious leaders, or security personal or certain institutions linked to the stability of the regime they are at war with. The assassination or bomb detonation shall carry a message to the public, signaling the vulnerability of a regime that might not be able to provide sufficient security for its top echelons anymore. Terrorists need the media, as a medium to communicate to the public and thus to influence public opinion too. Every act of terrorism is carefully orchestrated as to don’t appear random or arbitrary, and lengthy communiqués distributed to the media outlets are supposed to explain what happened, why it happened, and to what end it happened. The terrorist is dependent on public approval, as odd as that seems. If the public – a certain percentage of it, that is – doesn’t understand the context in which terrorism is being carried out, they won’t subscribe to the agenda of the terrorists and thus fail to provide any support in terms of funds and logistics that is vital to the terrorist campaign. When such support can’t be secured, terrorists are likely turning to intelligence agencies of foreign states for funds and provisions; if they weren’t conceived and sent by those very agencies in the first place. Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known as “Carlos”, was the prime example of the mercenary type of terrorist; a gun for hire. Also al-Quaida, as well as other terrorist groups subscribing to Wahhabism, is said to have been CIA-sponsored in the beginning and it’s still being funded by officials in places such as Saudi-Arabia.

Many Salafist and Wahhabite offshoots appear to target, for the first time in the history of modern-day terrorism, entire groups of people based on their religious or ethnic background; aiming at considerable body count by the use of massive force or even weapons of mass destruction. However, arbitrary violence against a hostile, ethnic and/or religious community is frequently committed during warfare (civil wars, first and foremost) and it adds just another dimension to terrorism, rather than re-defining this militant movement as a whole. There is now a sharp distinction between “they” – the hostile enemy from another nation, culture and civilization – and “us” – the community on which behalf the terrorist does believe to fight for, and which he hopes to win over to his cause eventually. As much as the mayhem perpetrated by a suicide bomber does appear to be arbitrary and directed at just about anyone who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, this terrorism still follows the logic of those Anarchists and Nihilists who attempted to assassinate the Russian Czar in the late 19th century: The act of terrorism does carry a message which shall resonate with a perceptive audience; thus making more people aware of the terrorists’ agenda, give support to and join their movement. It’s just that this terrorist aims his message at a narrow audience he does share the same creed or ethnic identity with; everyone else is of no concern to him and can be deemed to be legitimate target rather than innocent civilian.

That being said, the many different forms and offshoots of terrorism from the 19th century until today have a few characteristics in common actually:

  • They subscribe to a distinctive ideology that does require popular support to succeed,
  • It is imperative to communicate to the public via mass media, to explain the terrorists’ agenda and to defend his militant and violent actions,
  • The target list is not chosen at random but includes certain symbolic figureheads and institutions of the very regime that stands in the way of the terrorists’ victory.

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We have both climbed the ruins of the Solar Temple of Montségur, and one day we will rebuild it, in another land, when the Golden Age returns.

Miguel Serrano, Nos - Book of the Resurrection (via hyperb0rean)

(via vandrare)